Tuesday, August 09, 2005

This one's for me

Alright, To begin...Last night I was scouting around looking for ideas to make my blog more presentable. I ran across a blog site which caught my interest, I read several writings by the author and wasn't particularly impressed. His writings were dull and the writing spirit was one of apology. "Gee,nobody listens to me, I have no friends, I have no life —except for my x-box and I've got some really good things to share with the world; but nobody is listening."
Included in his posting were two links to sites of bloggers who had impressed him with their writing style and he had written to them in the hope of finding the magic beans of superior blogging. One link was to a site where the writer was a bouncer in some nightclub who had spent the past 14 months dedicated to blogging. He went by the name, The Doorman. The message he put out was powerful and confident, I was impressed. He listed quite nicely many of the lessons that he had learned over the preceding months as a blogger. The points he made were all valuable and I took them to heed. The most salient point was the idea that writing will become most powerful when the writer writes for themselves and doesn't write to try to please some imaginary entity in cyberspace.


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