Saturday, August 20, 2005

The burden of knowing

One of my biggest frustrations is having the ability to always know what the right answer is when pondering philosophical questions. Lately I've been reading a lot of political blogs concerning the situation in Iraq and I notice that uncertainty abounds.

Among the many questions floating about is the question...Should we follow our leaders advice, and "stay the course"?

Well, let's examine that question. First, it would seem to me as proper, to ask— what is the course? Next, we have to decide if the word course is intended to mean a deliberate and intelligently thought out plan designed to achieve a specific result, or whether it means to continue without direction and let events unfold as they will with a reliance on hope that a particular goal will come into being based on our tenacity alone.

As it has become apparent by the events that have transpired, we now know that the invasion of Iraq had a greater reliance on fantasy than on reality in it's planning; therefore, we can safely conclude that the term course, as described by our leader should follow the second definition in our understanding our leaders usage of the word.

Now the final step in arriving at a sound answer to the philosophical question is to ask another question...Given all that you know about our leader's handling of the Iraqi invasion — from it's inception to the present....Do you think we should stay the course?


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