Monday, August 22, 2005

Let's play the birthday lottery game

OK, here's how we'll do it. Seeing how the deaths of American servicemen in Iraq are now at 1870 and advancing, we soon will be approaching over 1900. If we take that 1900 as a base and figure that anybody who is posting or reading on the internet would have to be born somewhere between the years 1900 and 2000. Of course we realize that an early figure, say of 1920, would be rare as a birth date, but it is possible to have an 85 year old reading or posting on the internet.
So, if we match the number of servicemen killed to the year of your birth on the day of your birth you become the winner. For example:

Say for instance your birthday is July 4, 1976. If the day when American casualties reach 1976 killed and if that number falls on the 4th of July, you become the winner.Simple, no?

Now, just as an illustration...If you were born on todays date( August 23) in the year 1870, you would be the winner..


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