Sunday, September 11, 2005

9/11..what else?

So here we are,another anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy. Enough time has passed and enough perspective can be gained by the unfolded events that since have proceeded that tragedy to understand the full implications of that day.

If we had used wisdom as a Shepard instead of the blind guide of foolishness, we surely would find ourselves in a much safer and secure position today. Our failure to not identify the the cause and the reasoning behind the attack insured that any lessons to be learned would be lost on the foolish. When Bush invoked the concept of evil as being the cause and the reasoning behind the 9/11 attacks, he effectively extinguished the light of truth and the majesty of reasoning within the American people. He so gracefully and with sweet words managed to dehumanize every being on the planet except those that scurried for protection beneath his mantle of decietful rhetoric. He offered a simple equation, a biblical injunction..."either you are for us,or you are against us". There is no middle ground and to sit on the fence, is to cast your lot with the enemy by default. The world is now divided between good and evil. Spiritual concepts that can never find anchor in the human mind, now have become the governance of a nation.That, my friend,is foolishness. Unadulterated and unabashed foolishness.


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