Friday, September 09, 2005

Altered state of consciousness

Thursday morning on my way back from Indians Rocks beach I stopped in to see Tony and fill him in with the details of my mornings inspection. Rick was painting a back room and nobody was around. Rick said to me,"Come mir, check this shit out". I followed him through the building passing through several doors until he arrived at his own apartment. He than reached into the bottom draw of a nightstand and pulled out a massive bag of herb. He handed it to me and said," Merry Christmas". He had given me the first fruits of a plant that he had grown and cared for like a child.I felt good, not because Rick had given me a bag that would have cost in excess of $100.00 and that the timing was perfect also, but more to the idea that my sincerity and consideration in relationships had been returned to me. Rick is the recipient of my aluminum scroungings, which is, at times, considerable.

So what's with New Oleans?...The way I see it, God must be mad at us. I love the way people can attach a moral significance to an act of nature. I wonder what god was trying to teach me and the world morally, when, in my youth I would walk to school early in the morning amid the most gentle and soft snowfall. Damn, that was life?


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