Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I'm on fire for you baby.

OK, You know the expression...there's no sense in beating around the bush. So, I won't either. Anybody who's had an attentive eye or ear seems to have figured out that there's something strange going on between Condi and George. It's a subliminal sexuality that is highly charged. George has already put Condi on notice through nuance and innuendo that he is the only man that can quench her desires. And Condi, through submission and feigned error of tongue has told George he's the only stallion that she could ride into the sweet land of fulfillment.

Condi: Yo baby, I'll be all over you like hot molasses!
George: I'll knock down a hundred men...to get to you, baby!


Blogger Blahggraider said...

It's a poorly kept secret in Washington that Condi is "one of the girls".
Her significant other is a beautiful athletic looking young lady in her late 20's. The only time s/o has been seen in public is she sat behind Condi during her Secretary of State confirmation hearings.

8:26 PM, September 17, 2005  

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